Butler is in

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 · 0 comments

Bobby Butler just told us he will play tomorrow night vs the Hurricanes.

The kids are coming

Monday, March 29, 2010 · 0 comments

How many times have we heard from G-M Bryan Murray about the club's "gap" in drafting and developing? Well, we're about to get first hand look at the "new wave" of prospects. On a very busy day the Sens have announced the free agent signing of Hobey Baker Finalist Bobby Butler. The University of New Hampshire co-captain led the NCAA in goal scoring this season with 29. Butler has agreed to a two year entry level contract, which means he is on a waiver exempt two way contract for the rest of this season and next. The soon to be 23 year old will meet the team in Washington and could play against the Capitals. Murray said Butler will likely get in a couple of games before the end of the regular season.

Also today:

-The Sens are on the verge of signing University of Denver d-man Patrick Wiercioch to an entry level contract. When it's completed, the 2008 2nd round pick will report to Ottawa.

-Boston University captain Eric Gryba is also starting his pro career, as the 2006 3rd rounder is reporting to Binghamton

-2009 2nd round pick Robin Lehner is also reporting to Bingo. After starring with the OHL's Soo Greyhounds in his first season in North America, the teenager was given the option of coming straight to Ottawa as a 3rd stringer, but insisted he wanted to play. You gotta love that attitude.

-Meanwhile, with Spokane down 3 games to 2 in their WHL playoff series, 2009 first round pick Jared Cowen could soon be on his way to Binghamton/Ottawa.

Look for all five of these prospects to eventually be with Sens for as long as they are in the post season. Bryan Murray has said he wants to have the kids around the team at this time of year so they can get a feel for what it takes to play in the National Hockey League.

In other news, it doesn't look like Anton Volchenkov will play against Washington, as Brian Lee has been called up. Corey Clouston insists that the injury is not serious. The club is still hopeful that Michalek and Kuba will be able to play a couple of games before the end of the regular season. Michalek's rehab is coming along well, but his overall status is still unknown.

Murray also told me that he has spoken to the agent for Matt Cullen and Andy Sutton (same guy). Nothing is on the front burner but the G-M has liked the way the two players have fit in. We'll see if one or both of them turn out to be more than just a rental.

Alfredsson off easy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 · 0 comments

First things first. For over a decade now, It's been an absolute pleasure covering such a professional like Daniel Alfredsson. He has represented the team and the community on and off the ice in a manner that that would make anyone proud. However, last night's hit from behind on Francois Beauchemin cannot be overlooked just because Alfie is a good guy, and that kind of thing is usually out of character for the face of the franchise.

That inexcusable hit just proves that you don't have to be a dirty player to once in awhile make a dirty play. Leaf fans still bemoan the playoff hit on Tucker, and a frustrated Alfredsson did fire a slapshot at the end of a period at Scott Neidermayer in the Stanley Cup Final three years ago.

I've spent the last 2 days calling out Alexander Ovechkin for his reckless hit on Brian Campbell. Now I know the circumstances are little different but the biggest difference between the two is that Beauchemin got up and is OK, Campbell's done until May, if the Hawks are still playing. What are we talking about today if Beauchemin looked down instead of up when absorbing that hit in the numbers?

Like I said off the top. I respect the heck out of Daniel Alfredsson and still do. He made an ill advised play out of frustration and subsequently got off easy with only a two minute minor. That's exactly to type of hit we all talk about that has be taken out of the game. Sorry Sens fans, two minutes doesn't cut it.

Tiger's back...no women allowed

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 · 0 comments

So Tiger is coming back at Augusta. A natural for so many reasons. How 'bout the fact he's coming back to play at a Country Club that doesn't allow female members? I know it's coincidence, but funny nonetheless. I guess you can never be too careful.

By the way. It looks like South Park's season debut is not to be missed if you haven't had your fill of Tiger satire: it will air Sunday at 9 on the Comedy Network.

In the episode it is expected that scientists will poke fun at Woods’ “sex addiction” and that one of the boys will develop a sex addiction himself.

Merry Christmas. We've got you covered

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 · 0 comments

Yes. It's our other "holiday" where hockey fans everywhere hope to get the gifts/players they've been pining for. If you can't get to a tv we have coverage all day long on 1200. Scotty and Easty will even be in to preempt Jim Rome from noon til 3.

Some random thoughts on what the Sens have already done, and what they might do:

Last night's stinker notwithstanding, what a difference 6 weeks can make. The Sens have gone from a banged up team looking for answers to one of the best clubs in the East loading up with the hope of along playoff run. Spending 2 2nd round picks, Bryan Murray has landed a top 9 forward in Matt Cullen and a top 4ish d-man in Andy Sutton. Cullen gives head coach Cory Clouston another weapon up front while Sutton will come in and add another hammer on what was once considered a soft blueline. How would you like to park yourself in front of the net with Sutton and Carkner glaring at you?

Bryan Murray has strongly suggested that he's done. But I'm not buying that he's done...well.... buying. By waiving Jonathan Cheechoo, Murray gave himself a lot of wiggle room under the cap. So much so, he still has the ability to bring another player that makes up 3.5 million dollars, if he so chooses. Now, I don't think anything of the "major" variety will happen today, but I do expect the G-M to bring in another d-man for added depth. I stated in a previous post I really think the Sens need to add 2 blueliners for insurance. Don't rule out a guy like Brendan Bell , or someone of that ilk, coming back to the organisation to serve in the 7-9 range of the depth chart.

If you're looking for a current roster player to be on the move today, the guy to keep and eye on would be Brian Lee. The former 9th overall pick could use a fresh start on another team. He could be used to obtain a draft pick to try and replenish what was spent in obtaining Cullen and Sutton. The shocking move of the day would be if Murray decided to peddle pending UFA Anton Volchenkov. Never say never, but not happening. Right?

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