From Winning to Hope

Friday, December 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Players, coaches and management don't believe it's over, nor should they, there's "lots of hockey left" and as professionals you never say never. However, fans and media alike can look at recent history to help predict the future. After doing just that, here on December 10th, it's a pretty safe bet to say: "turn out the lights, the party's over." At least in terms of the Senators making the playoffs this season. That's not an opinion, but a statistical fact.

We are more than one-third through this season. Since the end of the lockout in 2005 that brought the three point game, only one eastern conference team has come back to make the playoffs after being more than six points out on December 10th. The 2007-08 Capitals were dead last and eight points out and went on to win the southeast division.

If you're a fan that draws hope from the autumn of 2006 when the Sens were floundering but rebounded all the way to a stanley cup final, I've got more bad news. That team was 15-15-1 on December 10th, just one point out of 8th. This edition is seven points out sitting in eleventh. Apples and oranges.

It's time for this team to reassess and come up with a new plan. A plan that focuses more on the seasons beyond this one. It's time to start identifying those that will be members of this organization next year from those who won't. You don't totally gut things and give up on this season, but you have to realistic about the odds and starting planning for a rebound in 2011-12.

Attendance has been waning. I'm in the camp of those that believe that the average fan is starting to become apathetic because he/she doesn't know what this team is supposed to be. Organizations have to be selling one of two things; winning or hope. A re-tool or maybe even a re-build has to be coming. The fans in "Hockey Country" could use a little hope.

Beer League Hockey

Monday, December 6, 2010 · 0 comments

Futher to our discussion about beer league hockey on today's show, a listener sent this is in. I originally saw it a couple of months ago but is just as funny no matter how many times you watch it. There is some "colourful" language so viewer discretion is advised.

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