What should Murray do?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 ·

So the Ottawa Senators have turned a mid season free fall into a rebound that even most ardent fans couldn't have seen coming. The question Bryan Murray needs to ask himself is is this team suddenly really that good, or just hot? Is this year's edition of the Sens worth stepping off the curb to sacrifice some future for the present? For an organisation that is still busy replenishing the prospect cupboard I doubt it, but that doesn't mean the G-M won't try to be creative in trying to acquire another immediate asset or two.

Murray has indicated that now that team is healthy he's pretty happy with the roster, and due to cap constraints, any deal would have have to be of the dollar for dollar variety. That is unless Murray decides to free salary in another way, like the Penguins did last year when they sent an underachieving Miro Satan to the minors and brought in Bill Guerin. The obvious candidate on this roster is Jonathon Cheechoo. If being a hard worker, good teammate and even better person were worth something on the score sheet we wouldn't even be having this conversation. However, this is a results oriented business and this is a team that has a passionate owner that has said he will do whatever it takes to help bring a Stanley Cup to the nation's capital.

The fact is the former Rocket Richard Trophy winner is eating up 3 million dollars in cap space to not score, not be a playmaker and not be a checker. If Bryan Murray truly believes this team is a move or two away from legitimately going deep in the playoffs, clearing this salary off the cap books has to at least cross his mind. Unfortunately for Cheechoo , he is a likely candidate for a buyout this summer. If, and that's IF that's the case, why not start that process at the deadline to help this year's team?


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