Tough hockey?

Sunday, February 14, 2010 ·

We had Caps winger(and Stittsville native) Matt Bradley on the show the other day, so with that in mind I had to post this gutless act by St.Louis "tough guy" Cam Janssen.

Brutal. I've always respected Janssen as a tough guy (who is generously listed at 6'1) who will fight anybody. However, as a far as hockey player, there is nothing tough about his game. How often does Cam Janssen:

1. Deliver a meaningful hit on a suspecting player
2. Take a hit to make a play
3. Go to the corner first

I'm guessing about as often as Daryl Katz speaks to Oiler fans/customers. I'm getting off track. Remember this Janssen beauty?

Is there a steeple chase on the way Michalek?

Oh yeah, here is what might be the latest hit ever caught on film.

Forget about bringing in new head shot rules. As a long as donkeys like Janssen continue to pull an NHL cheque nothing will ever change.


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