Non Contact Hockey?

Saturday, April 17, 2010 ·

I cannot believe some of the stuff coming from the Pittsburgh papers today on the hit Andy Sutton delivered on Jordan Leopold. Here's a sampling:

Ron Cook, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Penguins should get more good news today. If the NHL doesn't suspend Sutton for at least one game, it will be a crime because he led with his elbow".

"Many Penguins players, though not all, felt Senators defenseman Andy Sutton went too far with a head-shot blow on defenseman Jordan Leopold late in the first period. Leopold landed on the ice, hands at his sides, and was assisted to the dressing room by a team trainer".

"Despite launching his elbow into Leopold's head — and the NHL has been making headlines lately because of its desire to crack down on head shots — the league won't be suspending Sutton because he did not extend his elbow in the collision".

Number one: After watching the replay several times, it's abundantly clear that Sutton never leaves the ice until after he's made contact with Leopold.
Number two: Sutton's triceps only makes contact with Leopold's head after he's driven it through Leopold's shoulder.
Number three: Sutton has four to five inches on Leopold. Not to mention Leopold was even shorter at the time of impact as he had his head down while in a semi squatting position.

We all feel bad for Jordan Leopold. We never want to see anyone get injured, but the only thing Andy Sutton was guilty of on that play was being big and strong. Did anyone really piss and moan when Craig Adams caught an unsuspecting Daniel Alfredsson with a huge hit just before Christmas? Even Alfredsson admitted that it was his fault saying he has to be more aware of where he is on the ice. If we're going to take the high impact collisions out of hockey then count me out. I'll just go to the Ice Capades.

The most reasonable statement coming from Pittsburgh was offered by fellow hard hitting d-man Brooks Orpik(who knows but for the grace of god go I). "it seemed like a pretty good hit to me, to be honest. You never want to see anybody get hurt, but that was someone, from watching video, he likes to step up like that in the neutral zone. If anything, maybe Leopold was in a vulnerable position, leaning forward"."Sutton's a guy who plays hard. I don't think he was out there to hurt guys."

Exactly. Leopold put himself in a bad spot and compounded his problem but not being aware of who was on the ice, and not keeping his head up. Contact Hockey 101. As far as the back and forth Sutton had with a Pens fan....errrrrr.....reporter after game, check out the latest from Ian Mendes.


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