What not to do during Combine Interview

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 ·

After getting a player's perspective on the recent NHL draft combine from Erik Gudbranson yesterday, I decided to go to someone on the other side of table today, as Sens Director of Player Personnel Pierre Dorion joined us on the show. As many of you have heard, the most common question to a player that went through the combine has been "what was the strangest question you were asked"? Well, I essentially asked Pierre "what was the biggest red flag answer you received"? How about a bold faced lie.

Dorion says he and the other members of the front office staff challenged a young man by asking why he didn't play very well when they were there to scout him. The player responded with "because I didn't play". Dorion then proceeded to tell the player that there were three members of the Sens staff there that night.

These interviews are all about gauging character. The lie is bad enough, but to insult the intelligence of a prospective employer with a fib that can be irrefutably be thrown right back in your face is so bad it's hilarious. What would that player say to the coach after turning the puck over when he gets back to the bench? Eddie Murphy's act comes to mind...."It wasn't me"

Needless to say, the club won't be taking that player in the draft. Dorion said the club will be bringing in 6 or 7 players for further testing and interviews. That process has already begun as 6'1 175lb right winger Beau Bennett just left town. The California native just led the BCHL in scoring as a rookie with 41 goals, 120 points in just 56 games. Bennett is committed to the University of Denver for next season. The Hockey News has him as the 35th ranked prospect while Central Scouting has him ranked as the 32nd Domestic Skater.

Two more tidbits:

It should only be a matter of days before the Sens to make an announcement on the signing of 2004 5th round pick, right winger, Roman Wick. The 24 year old former Red Deer Rebel is considered to be one of the best forwards in Europe and really opened some eyes with his strong play for Switzerland at the Olympics.

Today was the deadline for NHL teams to sign their "non NCAA" 2008 draft picks. There was a lapse in a transfer agreement with Sweden for a stretch so the Sens still retain the rights to talented 4th Round pick Andre Petersson despite not signing him.


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