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Monday, July 22, 2013 ·

Canada's 47 man orientation camp roster was announced today, so that means it's time for our second favourite sport......second guessing. So with that, here's a another list to tick people off. The next 25 names (the 2014 Olympics allow for 22 skaters and 3 goalies). As you can tell I'm counting on some maturation (cough-Seguin-cough) and some bounce backs from injury. Rip away.

E. Kane  Spezza        Burns
Benn       Seguin        Lupul
Skinner   Lecavalier  Williams
Dupuis    Laich          Simmonds
Marleau   Weiss

Campbell      Girardi
Beauchemin  Schultz
Giordano      Garrison
Jackman       Boychuk


The maybe list if they develop faster than expected, bounce back, or pick up from what they showed in the playoffs:

Nugent-Hopkins, Kadri, Bickell, MacKinnon, Brassard, Horton, Henrique, Zajac, Cowen, Myers, Bieksa, Coburn, Del Zotto, Franson, Fleury, Reimer

So, the point of this is to illustrate just how deep Canada is. You could put together a team full of Canadians not on the 47 man orientation list, and it's conceivable that team could medal.


RedCaesar97 said...
July 23, 2013 at 4:17 PM  

Never going to happen, but after seeing a list like this, it makes me wish Canada could enter two teams into the Olympic hockey tournament. Two chances to win the Olympic gold... or double the outcry if neither make the finals.

I would have to look it up, but I guess countries cannot enter more than one team for team events, unlike individual events where countries can enter multiple athletes, like Jamaica having three runners in the 100m finals.

Jeff Irvine said...
September 17, 2013 at 2:48 PM  

And to think 22 of the original 47 have to be cut! Team "B" has umm, potential. Could send a competitive "C" team as well. We are fortunate to have a ridiculous amount of talent when it comes to hockey in this country. Any rules with regards to late invitations e.g. maximum amount of players in camp etc.? Kane, Spezza, Benn and Campbell, maybe even in that order, are the most notable oversights in my, completely irrelevant, opinion :) Ward as well perhaps, but who do they replace on the original roster? How much weight does the players current season to date have, as to whether or not they are selected later in the process? Regardless of the team they eventually decide to ice, there will be critics as it is impossible to please a country full of hockey fans....all with their own opinion on who should be playing.

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